About - Leonardo Mannini Architetto
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Architect, architectural planner, and designer. She is a licenced architect in Florence since 2022, she develops executive projects and the construction details of furnishing accessories and finishing works. Teaching assistant at the Design chair at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, she contributes to the digital renewal of the studio.


Architect, accounting and construction management expert. She is a licenced architect in Prato since 2015, she specializes as a freelancer in the management and control of construction sites, with a focus on building renovation and restoration. She supervises the coordination between the design phase and execution phase on the field.


Architect, interior designer, and graphic designer. She is a licenced architect in Florence since 2018, she focuses on graphic rendering of the design idea by combining practicality to aesthetics, with attention to the spatial control of the architectural composition, 3D modeling, and the improvement of the final rendering of each work.


Architect and senior designer. He is a licenced architect in Florence since 2010, he is in charge of customer service. He is specialized in the development of the architectural form and its relative graphic rendering, and supervises the post-production of the final image of each work. He established also himself as the studio’s web designer.


Architect and senior designer. He is a licenced architect in Florence since 2008, he is responsible for the studio management, provides for the supervision of each work, the verification of the correctness of the urban planning and construction procedures, the compliance with building regulations, and the correct execution of the works.


Surveyor, real estate and technical appraisals expert, working for the studio since 1998, she carries out support activity in the sale of properties, in the drafting of the relative practices, and in the graphic rendering for building renovation and restoration projects. She coordinates the relationship between the public administration and the individual customers


Leonardo was born on May 1, 1965, and graduated with an MS in architecture from the University of Florence in 1990 and is a licenced architect since 1991. He has been practicing architecture in his studio at 144 via dell’Olmo in Sesto Fiorentino since 1991.

He was a teaching assistant in Architectural Design II, Urban Design courses and worked as subject expert in Distributional Characters of Buildings at the University of Florence from 1990 to 2001.
With more than thirty years of activity, Leonardo has carried out an analysis of evolution and crisis of the various compositional techniques, which have spanned centuries of history and have produced a variety of languages.
With a strong awareness of the practice of architecture seen as continuous research, he constantly innovates his work in architectural composition, interior architecture, urban design, interior design and industrial design.